Author, Physician, Hunter and Missionary.
J.Y. Jones brings a lifetime of experience to life in his books. Revealing the mysteries of both the animal kingdom and the Kingdom of God.

J. Y. Jones, MD is an avid hunter who has taken all North American big game species using the same Remington .30-06 rifle, resulting in the book One Man, One Rifle, One Land (Safari Press, 2001). Dr. Jones helped Safari Press produce the Ask the Guides series, their most successful North American hunting books.
Dr. Jones has been an eye physician and surgeon for four decades. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran, speaks Spanish and Russian, and has volunteered in more than twenty-three overseas eye-surgery mission trips. He has received numerous awards for writing and photography, and is a frequent speaker at sportsmen's events, where he particularly enjoys sharing his Christian testimony.
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‘ "The animal rights movement seems to be gaining momentum, power, and influence all over the United States and Western Europe, working in conjunction with its close allies in the radical environmental movement. It has moved completely away from issues of animal stewardship and now calls for a wholesale halt to all animal utilization to meet any human needs... While the Bible unquestionably teaches good stewardship of animals under man's dominion, it is ... absolutely erroneous to use it in support of arguments for animal rights... All such attempts... beg a scholarly attempt to refute them...' Worship Not The Creature - Introduction, page 2’

Worship Not The Creature, by J.Y. Jones