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Worship Not The Creature: Animal Rights And The Bible

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about animal rights? J.Y. Jones reveals that animal rights is a concept foreign to the Bible.

Worship Not The Creature: Animal Rights And The Bible at


Nordskog Publishing 2009

The animal rights movement seems to be gaining momentum, power, and influence all over the United States and Western Europe, working in conjunction with their close allies in the radical environmental movement. They have moved completely away from issues of animal stewardship and now call for a wholesale halt to all animal utilization to meet any human needs. This trend is linked to a dangerous form of radical vegetarianism, the logical outcome of such a philosophy. The movement touts all aspects of their plan for humanity as good for people, the environment, and for animals. In recent years increasing numbers of their articles and web sites, as well as a few books, have attempted to link animal rights to the Holy Bible as a basis supporting their arguments.

All such attempts to make these radical philosophies “God-sanctioned” are highly in error and beg a scholarly attempt to refute them. The truth is that the Bible unquestionably does not support the concept of animal rights! This is essentially what "Worship Not the Creature" is all about.

The first chapter attempts to show how godless evolution is scientifically indefensible as the origin of the cosmos, and that it is impotent in its ability to create life or new species. It also demonstrates by personal example how its teaching leads to degradation of the lives of individuals and of society at large. This initial part of the book also strongly defends the integrity of the Holy Bible. All these elements are necessary to mount an effective opposing position to today’s animal rights movement.

Subsequent chapters trace the human-animal relationship from the time of creation all the way to the time of the predicted apocalypse. This material strongly defends traditional animal stewardship as God-ordained and God-sanctioned from creation to the end times before Christ reigns supreme. The author draws out a host of little-understood concepts to show that both the radical animal rights and environmental movements are apocalyptic aberrations counter to God’s will, and are well-predicted in the Holy Bible.
One video detailing this book is below. There is a newer one that can be viewed at, if you're interested.
By: J.Y. Jones